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31-07-2022 10:52
Add mor emaps, admin to server like Alien invasion, mesa map is too overplayed, max 20, 30 min, then no mesa map for 2,3 rounds

31-07-2022 10:51
Mesa map is TOO OVERPLAYED, stop playing MESA MAP

13-10-2021 22:19
Hi everyone, how are you people? I hope that we will play Crysis again soon Smile

08-02-2020 15:52
Hi and welcome back Albert. Yeah, Some people are still here from time to time. In this very moment not many. But will be at lest few soon.

08-02-2020 00:26
Greetings! Anyone still here?

09-03-2018 02:29
My Tutorial CZ/SK How to connect server (: https://www.youtub

07-03-2018 22:43
Of course. This the point of our network. Anybody can create own server even with custom maps + anybody will be able to join it. Check http://CryMP.Net - HELP Page.

07-03-2018 21:04
is it a possibility to create your own server?

07-03-2018 21:03
nice tnx

07-03-2018 19:15
Hi. Yes. It was on-line for years - and will be back soon - but you shouldn't work so good for all. You can try now Shore on Air Battle - no crazy commands!

07-03-2018 18:44
Hello I wanted to ask you or you could not create a normal server Map, MESA BEACH because these servers where these awkward commands can not be played is not true crysis.

02-03-2018 21:27
Crysis1 the best

08-01-2018 22:34

08-01-2018 16:37

08-12-2017 14:09
yap , it was fine on win7 64 bit , i see this issue only on win8.1 ,and thanks for taking care of crysis you and your teammates

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Patch for new masterserver finished (?)
It has been 1 month of waiting for programmers from GC and our favourite Zi; to create patch that will let us play Crysis multiplayer after 31st of May.

We still are not sure how it works but I can say that both Zi; and GC say they have it ready for us. The difference is that Zi's patch required installing new version of SafeWriting - if we want our dedicated server to show on his servers list + registering in his system to get ID (like the old GameSpy ID before) and GC say that they have patch that don't require registering anywhere and that their patch will let us use good old in-game servers list - as we always wanted.

The problem is we still have no idea how is that possible to work the way GC say it works. It's really hard to belive concidering their bad opinion among Crysis players and admins. I'd love to see their patch working so great but it's also very hard to belive. I wish I was wrong.

But solution that Zi; is giving us I'm 100% sure of - but still it looks like we won't have here in-game servers list working (the one that is so importaint in my opinion) and we will need to install both server side patch (to make our servers show on Zi's list) and client side patch to give us ID. Moreover we will probably need to connect us server's IP. It all makes this solution little hard for beginners - and can kill half of Crysis 1 Multiplayer community. I hope I'm also wrong here.

We just need to wait 3 more weeks and test both final versions of those patches - choose the right one - and make it popular for others, promote it everywhere to keep the community alive.
Hi all fans of crysis , I am a player named UNU ... I am happy to present to you first tutorial about how to play Crysis starting from now and after 31.05.2014 thanks to our Friend Zi;
Bad news for the community , all the time I ask some players (friends) to install new maps , I send to him in Facebook or through skype , but they was so lazy to install (put in correct folder) few stupid maps. That was reason for always empty server with custom maps.
I think that instruction is so hard for lazy Crysis players ( they are so lazy to install one new small map ) but you wish from them to install patches who implement information in windows registry (inject incorrect information in windows registry will crash your Windows OS) and run memory injectors ..... That is my opinion only - but only few people will use that way.
Mine is finished already 1 month, so I don't know where is problem, GerCry one isn't finished probably, otherwise it would be public.
Does embark have some problem, that it creates registry and it is memory injector?
Sources are free to download with client-side-mod too, so if somebody doesn't trust it, he can verify it on his own.
Crash computer? Pff, memcpy never crashed any computer and Windows OS recognizes segmentation fail, I hope Wink

And, because of thing described above, I created new readme.html inside, with video tutorial from elbetiano and quick image installation tutorial Smile

Who tells that you can connect only servers using my mod? No restrictments here absolutely, if you want to connect any other server, just run game with -mod sfwcl and write IP + port to console - example: connect, for SSM SafeWriting servers, use http://forum.tvar...aster.php, it is currenly empty, because servers have automatic activation to use it on 1.6.2014 0:0:0.
Hey Elvetiano - thanks for sending tutorial. I'm a big Queen fan for over 20 years now Smile but I think it's bad idea to post a video with Queen's background music - it can be removed soon by Youtube. I'm affraid.

Tutorial is very nice and well prepared but I think it's too early for that. Like I have said before we still have to wait for GC's version (yeah I know hard to belive them but still).

I'm also a big fan of Zi's programming works for a long time but when I've heard 1 month ago that Zi; is starting to make this kind of patch - where you need to install client patch + register on website + connect using this websites's lit and you will see only few servers there - only those that are using new version of SafeWriting (for examply I have only 2 servers with SafeWriting and 4 server - 3 years old one that are not using any kid of SSM) - So when I saw it 1 month ago - I've said to myself - "ok it will work for real fans but 80% of community will die anyway".

That's exactly what Embak have said - and what I always say. As a mapper and moder for years - for me is not a problem at all - it's very comfortable way to play - I love it - BUT - when you talk about regular player od Crysis (not real fan like us) - they won't use it. Most of players are 2 lazy to install custom map - that's right! I work on some of my maps for 200-300 hours sometimes and at the same time I feel always stupid because I know - only 5-15 players will play the map (and most of them are just my Crysis friends) - because I know people are 2 lazy 2 download any kind of things + install them + check all settings + enter the right server Smile That's why my servers with custom maps (sometimes on-line for 3 months non-stop with the same map 24 hours a day 7 days a week) - are always empty - and I'm talking about servers that are ALWAYS on IN GAME SERVER LIST + always with address where to download the map + and full instructions how to install it - Yeah it's crazy and maybe hard to belive but during over 2 years I had only about 20 different players on "Steel Mill Open" map - and this map was on-line NON STOP for over 10 months during those 2 years. Can you belive it ? Conclusion is very easy Smile It's 2 hard for most of players to get it working Smile

And Imagine now that for playing Crysis you don't see servers IN GAME - that you need to find servers list in google (with many Crysis webpages) on some right webpage (for example Zi's) - register there + install all + run it in the special way - C'mon. 80% of players WILL stop play Crysis because most of players play it because it's easy to enter - just "by the way" when they see somebody on some server on the list. So Zi's way is Perfect for us - I was waiting for that 1 month and I'm happy it's ready - But it's the way for Crysis Fans only - hard to get new players in Crysis by this.

We have to wait for other solution (maybe from GC) - hard to belive what they say - that it will work with IN GAME servers list - but that would be so much better. Let's wait 3 weeks and we will find out. Maybe they know some secret how to make it work like that.

Anyway Zi is the best programmer for C1 that I know from his works for years - but this servers connecting solution is not very good for the WHOLE community. Only for us - real fans and players - and I still hope Crysis will be played not only by us but also for other 200-300 players. I still hope so.

Thanks again for sharing the tutorial. Let's wait a little longer. Just 3 weeks and we will probably use this way.
To Zi; - That's it man. I will always promote your programming works here and on my server bacause all are very useful - but the problem is Embak is right about Laziness of players Smile

This is how it works - people are lazy. That's why I hope GC will have something more easy 2 use for standard players of Crysis.

And I agree theyir version is not finished (maybe they are waiting for your's to check it first - you know Smile - but the way they say it will work - is much userfriendly - Maybe they are not bluffing. Maybe they CAN do it. We have to wait and see.

I prefer your solutions because of TRUST - and it was always most importaint for me in Crysis - but if it's not easy to use for some kids playing Crysis 1 - maybe there is onther soultion coming. We will see soon.

Anyway Great to have you here and I hope when we all stick together Crysis won't die. (I remember your post about GameSpy's death - even you have said - that You will probably STOP playing - but few days later you had your first version of your patch - haha Smile).

We need to work on this community and it will stay alive. Even if Crysis Multiplayer will work only on weekends - but for years - It's worth trying and fighting for Smile ...
Well, when they already find solution = my client side mod, they will also know where server-list is placed)

It is weird that on Minecraft is absolutely no server-list and players are smart enough to search for some IPs and some cool mods etc., but not on Crysis... Sad
That's right Zi.

Minecraft or CS (I don't play both but I know - because my friends were playing it for years) - can work perfect without in-game servers list. But the thing is those 2 games are more popular than Crysis 1. It's sad but true.

I saw Crysis dying already 3 years ago (because of Crysis 2) and later 2 years ago (because of BF3) and 1 year ago because of Crysis 3. People stopped playing Crysis also because they thought it has bad graphics comparing to new games (I don't mean real fans of C1).

But during Last 7-8 months I saw people coming back - most of them because it was still playable WITHOUT any registering things, downloading + server nice SSM's for servers - with antycheat - like your's SafeWriting (no downloading, no installing required for player who just want to play). So even I with my maps, mods and ideas thought Crysis is going to live again.

But again - when accidental player will need to download, install, connect - ( they are not real fans like - they just play because they had nothing to do Smile - it will be a problem for them. They will just stop playing - and that's it. That's why I hope maybe there will be other solution.

If not - we will try to build quite nice servers list based on your patch.
For example I will need to change my 2 old SafeWriting servers to new ones + cancel all my 4 - 3 years old <Fair Play> moded servers - creating 100% new with SafeWriting SSM instead - just to make possible for Crysis 1 players to see them on the list. It will be great to have it working like that - but still - It won't be the same anymore.

By the way Zi. The reason we both can't agree on few things here is that you think as a programmer, admin and fan of Crysis. I'm Crysis fan (I play only Crysis and from time to time BF3 because of Helicopters) moder and mapper (it's a part of my life) - BUT I don't have mind of a programmer because I'm just a humanist Smile and I know people who are not advanced in patching, etc. I know Crysis 1 players from 12 to 86 years old - yes - and I know that any inconvenience ( like: installing maps, mods, testing things) make them just resign. They just stop playing. That's why I know how hard it will be for many, many players.

Not for fans as we are. Because even If I was not experienced in patching, instaling, moding, testing, testing, testing... I would still try to play Crysis no matter how hard would that be. But again - I'm a fan and I really think this game has a potential in next 10 years.

But try to convince somebody who doesn't know Crysis at all or had it for a while and changed it for BF3 or Crysis3 or any other new one. He won't bother to try patching because after finding out that you need IP's or server lists on websites - he will say - "why should I try to play or learn skills for month in the game that is already dead". That will be it.

I know you can't agree with me on that so much Smile but I'm not an optimist here. I really HOPE I'm wrong. We will see very soon.

I can tell you one thing by the way - and that's FOR SURE. Because I was thinking about it many times - Even if people stop playing Crysis 1 soon. Even if YOU also stop playing or hosting your website with servers list - I will take or buy that system from you - and start it again - That's because I think about Crysis more as of a kind of virtual world (with different maps on it - places that you can enter anytime you want) It's much more than a game for me (I have onle few hours a week for it but still).

So belive me. I will be the last one here. Or maybe with only 2-3 players on my servers - only once a week - it also makes sense to keep it going Smile and in the future I can put again my money to keep this multiplayer alive for next years (counting on those 2-3 players there).
I just want you to remember that in case of your future plans and concidering leaving it (like your first thoughs were after GameSpy's closing info over month ago).

In the meantime - Thanks for info and let's hope it all will look more optimistic soon. Smile
Well, I don't think I will put service "" off Wink I am planning to use it in my other projects, which will be already out of Crysis as something like master too Smile
So it will be online long,long,long time.
Also as name tells, if you translate it, it was originally meant to be social network, but I didn't have much time for that this year, so I can finish it later, it's paid up to 2015 anyway, and 13eur/year isn't price I couldn't pay Grin

Well, one thing is sad as I noticed, mostly when I search "Crysis" on Google, 30% of Results lead me to Crysis 2 or Crysis 3 games, not Crysis 1...
Yes. I didn't mean putitng the whole off - just Crysis forum and servers list on it Smile But I guess Crysis support can work there even without you - just "by the way" along with the whole server. So you are right it's not a problem.

I agree when you say Crysis on forums or put it on google - you get Crysis 2 or Crysis 3 (maybe Crysis Wars sometimes) but Crysis 1 - is always at the end of it.

That's why I work on this website - it's only a beginning but I was planing it for over 2 years - the website about C1 only - to promote it - to show why it's mutiplayer can be concidered as better than MP of CW, C2 and C3. Really not hard to prove it Smile We just need a little time for that.

I hope the future od Crysis MP will look fine after all Smile
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