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31-07-2022 10:52
Add mor emaps, admin to server like Alien invasion, mesa map is too overplayed, max 20, 30 min, then no mesa map for 2,3 rounds

31-07-2022 10:51
Mesa map is TOO OVERPLAYED, stop playing MESA MAP

13-10-2021 22:19
Hi everyone, how are you people? I hope that we will play Crysis again soon Smile

08-02-2020 15:52
Hi and welcome back Albert. Yeah, Some people are still here from time to time. In this very moment not many. But will be at lest few soon.

08-02-2020 00:26
Greetings! Anyone still here?

09-03-2018 02:29
My Tutorial CZ/SK How to connect server (: https://www.youtub

07-03-2018 22:43
Of course. This the point of our network. Anybody can create own server even with custom maps + anybody will be able to join it. Check http://CryMP.Net - HELP Page.

07-03-2018 21:04
is it a possibility to create your own server?

07-03-2018 21:03
nice tnx

07-03-2018 19:15
Hi. Yes. It was on-line for years - and will be back soon - but you shouldn't work so good for all. You can try now Shore on Air Battle - no crazy commands!

07-03-2018 18:44
Hello I wanted to ask you or you could not create a normal server Map, MESA BEACH because these servers where these awkward commands can not be played is not true crysis.

02-03-2018 21:27
Crysis1 the best

08-01-2018 22:34

08-01-2018 16:37

08-12-2017 14:09
yap , it was fine on win7 64 bit , i see this issue only on win8.1 ,and thanks for taking care of crysis you and your teammates

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7 days - 2 Patches ready
So finally 7 days left till the end of GameSpy - but what we know for sure is that we will have 2 solutions. We will have 2 Patches to play Crysis in the future.

One comes from German Crysis ( http://germancrys...amp;t=1591 ) and works with version 1.2.1, other one comes from Zi; ( http://forum.tvar... ) created for version 1.0 In 7 days we will choose the one that works better for us. We will have the choice later: 1.0 or 1.2.1.

I'm sure that I will use both versions for my servers 1.2.1 because it works with in-game servers list (as before) and 1.0 because it's the best version I know for flyers Smile

Let's just hope community will be informed and not so many players will be lost ! ...
Nice Freebo you prove my words (for these words many people begin to hate me). Only GermanCrysis offer official solution because all know official solutions support only last game patches. ( http://desislava.... )
Sure man - but I'm still not very happy that 5767 is not supported there anymore. But what can I do. I'm one of the last flying players in Crysis nobody cares about flying here anymore - 2 hard to learn and people are lazy these days. Anyway - I will fly on-line with 3-5 friends only or even alone if necessary Smile

I guess we will have to promote both patches here. GC's for being most complete version (70 closed maps in patch, anti-cheat, anti-crack - I don't support crackers) and ZI's for being more open for developers ( ulimited maps auto-downloader, server side modding and mapping, original 5767 support, etc).

All solutions are needed to help Crysis 1 survive. No matter if it's 6156 or 5767 version. It's still our game - just with very small differences. I like both - each for different things in it.
And let's keep it this way. Looks like I will need to make this portal 6156 also during next few months Smile Not a problem. ...
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